Customs clearance

Customs clearance

PANDA Trans offers you its customs clearance services. We work with St. Petersburg port terminals, bonded terminals in St. Petersburg and the Pulkovo Customs Office area, Novorossiysk port, Vladivostok port, and Smolensk port. We also assist in filing and issuing electronic declarations of goods in the control areas of other customs posts.

Our principles:
  • Minimized customs clearance risks
  • In-depth analysis of the requirements on goods
  • Rigorous document review
  • Clearance in the shortest time possible

Declaring cargo of any type
We have rich experience in clearing a wide range of goods. We will clear your dry, fresh, dangerous, liquid, chemical, quarantined, veterinary-controlled, quarantine and sanitary controlled goods, both imported into or exported from Russia.

Personal customs representative
You will cooperate with a professional customs representative who will resolve a number of tasks for you:
  • He will register you with customs agencies as a member of international business
  • He will analyze customs clearance documents
  • He will provide detailed tax and customs law information
  • He will help you understand the International Business Commodity Classifier of the Customs Union
  • He will provide advice related to non-tariff regulatory measures, restrictions, and/or prohibitions
  • He will help you obtain permits
  • He will estimate your customs fees and charges
  • He will protect your interests while the goods are being inspected at the customs.

Saving your time
All you will have to do is provide a detailed description of the goods and prepare the documents sets according to our recommendations.

We provide:
  • Convenience
  • Fast clearance
  • Fast response to your requests
  • Minimum necessary information exchange

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