PANDA Trans has a fleet of VOLVO and SCANIA truck trains equipped with
container platforms.


  • Transport all types of containers
  • Carry regular 40 ft containers and HC containers
  • Carry 20 ft short platform containers
  • Carry 45 ft containers
  • Carry refrigerator containers
  • Provide customs controlled transportation
  • Provide Carnet TIR transportation from Finnish ports
  • Carry hazardous goods
  • Carry OOG goods

We sustainably expand our basic infrastructure in order to ensure uninterrupted transportation and stable rates for our customers.

Our trucks are regularly checked and maintained; they all have GPS built-in and we rigorously track the labor standards for drivers to ensure accident-free operations.

In addition to our own fleet, we contract trustworthy certified carriers.

Our fleet and certified carriers meet the toughest warehouse and unloading terminal requirements, including the condition and safety (they have reflective shoes, reflective vests, helmets, protective steel toes, etc.)

Our principles:

  • Stable rates
  • Uninterrupted supplies
  • Safety
  • High responsiveness to all customer requests