Контейнерные перевозки

Контейнерные перевозки

PANDA Trans uses regular ISO-containers (including refrigerators, tank containers, flexitanks, general purpose OOG containers, Flat Rack, and Open Top containers).

Direct containerized transportation through St. Petersburg, Novorossiysk, and Vladivostok ports is at your disposal.
We render door-to-door services and provide a full range of logistics services.

Our principles
  • We are driven by your individual needs and tasks;
  • We are committed to preventing failures instead of responding to them;
  • We strive to improve our internal processes;
  • We try to add value to your business.
Cross-docking acceptance and shipping of containerized cargo (shifting containers into trucks, rail containers, and cars) resolves weight limitation issues in truck deliveries and cuts costs due to no empty container runs.

Our own fleet
PANDA Trans expands its own fleet to clearly coordinate the flow of goods and continuous clearance of all types of containers from St. Petersburg and Kotka (Finland) ports and stable rates even during seasonal fluctuation periods.

We offer platforms of various sizes (40’/20’), rolling platforms, couplers for the simultaneous transportation of 2?20’ containers.

Searching for the best options
Using a remarkable cargo base, we deploy numerously tested logistics schedules.

We never stop looking for new opportunities to reduce the time and costs for containerized transportation using our long-term, extensive experience, professionalism of our employees and stable business relations with sea terminals, shipping lines, and railway operators.

Door-to-door transportation
We assume all commitments related to containerized door-to-door transportation, from the analysis of goods, customs clearances, government inspection clearance, and insurance before forwarding, storage services, security, shifting, etc.

We will provide:
  • Efficient transportation product (relation of cost to transit time, problem-free services, and risk-free operations);
  • High quality service and information support;
  • Flexibility and responsiveness to your tasks;
  • High level of analytics and regulatory support.

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