Combined door-to-door transportation

Combined door-to-door transportation

PANDA Trans renders integral multimodal door-to-door transportation services. By delegating the delivery of your goods to our employees, you get rid of a formidable list of works to be done as well as a necessity to exercise tough control over the process.

Our principles:
  • Optimization of your costs without prejudice to the quality of the logistics product
  • Use of know-how and state-of-the-art logistics solutions for the delivery of cargo
  • Total responsibility and comprehensive control over the sequence and logic of all operations
  • Optimization of company costs for ensuring your cost effectiveness.

Door-to-door services
Door-to-door delivery is an integral logistics product that includes not only logistics and transportation services, but also consulting and legal operations.

We are responsible for every stage and direction of work, including:
  • Research, estimates, and consultancies related to document preparation and/or labeling and negotiations with the infrastructure chain members to accomplish cargo delivery
  • Rendering transportation, terminal, and customs services
  • Assistance in document preparation certifying product safety and clearance through various controls
  • Protection of consignor's interests in disputable situations (against damage of goods, containerized equipment, or claims by regulatory authorities)
Any and all logistics complexity is our job to handle. Your job will be enjoying the perfect end results.

Experience, reliability, and safety
We only work with reliable, trusted, and financially viable carriers and terminals with insured liability.

Due to our analysts’ work, we always receive important law amendment information related to international business in due time. We rigorously account for the commercial rules of deal member countries.

No intermediaries
We arrange a direct connection with organizations that directly or indirectly participate in deliveries. Minimum intermediaries in the logistics chain results in less time and cost, and a faster response to any of your requests.

We will provide:
  • Good logistical strategy for your business
  • Exact delivery within the agreed time
  • Immaculate services
  • High-level legal and regulatory support
  • Flexibility in resolving your business tasks
  • Reliability and safety.

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