Cargo handling

Cargo handling

PANDA Trans supports your cargo handling in the St. Petersburg Seaport. Strong and long-standing relations with container terminals ensure continuous operations and a reduction of the container relocation costs and excessive storage time costs.

Our principles:
  • high employee competencies for logistic optimizations;
  • knowledgeable and accurate operations;
  • strive to meet your individual requirements 100%;
  • risk analysis and failure prevention.

Office in St. Petersburg port:
The company has an office at Container Terminal 1. This good location allows our employees to be exactly where they need to be to provide high quality speedy services. An agent at the terminal is especially helpful in an emergency to resolve disputes in your favor.

Detailed knowledge of internal port processes
Marine transport is a remarkable part of our overall services. Owing to that, port infrastructure is exactly our element, and, therefore, we have deep knowledge and understanding of:
  • handling procedures for container terminals
  • truck delivery and clearing procedures
  • specific properties of internal document management
  • port cost reduction opportunities.
All of these help us operate quickly and thereby reduce transit periods.

Container transshipment
We render transshipment services, shifting goods from containers into trucks or rail cars at the port's internal terminal. We can also find suitable packages for any type of goods. We provide you with opportunities to clear containers using the customer's own truck trains.

If containerized temporary storage is necessary, we can relocate the containers in the internal terminal at much lower rates.

State-of-the-art transshipment equipment
For transshipment, we use cross gantries, traveling gantries, tippers, truck cranes, and a diversified logging system with capacities of 1.5 to 45 tons.

We provide:
  • optimum cost to time and risks ratio for handling operations
  • full range of handling services from unloading/loading to transportation; from labeling and repacking to weighing and surveillance
  • effective operations with all types of cargo
  • exhaustive information support, including electronic document management.

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