PANDA Trans offers you its chartering service.

Broad contacts in the maritime business and long-term connections with marine lines make it possible for us to rapidly find the best possible options for each customer with reference to charter costs, availability of unladen vessels at the point of departure, time of transit, demurrage conditions, and unladen vessel delivery geography.

Our principles:
  • Minimized cost across the entire transportation cycle instead of the marine section only
  • Approved, preferential terms of demurrage, storage, and other charges already at the booking stage.

Experience and knowledge of the market
We have extensive maritime experience carrying vegetables and animals, as well as other types of cargo (including products that require specific temperature modes, dangerous goods, and OOG).

Looking for beneficial solutions
We thoroughly research the sea shipping market, look for empty containers and space on vessels, and permanently search for the most beneficial offers possible. Our target is to offer various delivery options with the optimum price-reliability-time ratio.

Full range of service
As an integrated logistic service company, PANDA Trans renders a wide range of chartering services:
  • Choosing the acceptable delivery option using trampers or liners
  • Chartering, booking containerized transportation
  • Communicating with sea line agents, port services, and stevedores
  • Preparing marine customs documents, including customs control papers
  • Resolving containerized transportation issues and empty car delivery issues on railways

Providing door-to-door-transportation, we also offer additional services, namely: transshipment, storage, stevedoring, tallying, etc.

We will provide:
  • A rational delivery schedule with reference to the route, batch, and specifics
  • Prompt search of goods capacities
  • Integral legal support, including damages and losses reimbursed by sea lines
  • Maximum flexibility in resolving all of your tasks
  • Real-time information support

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